There are many interesting hiking trails in the Belleville Valley. 


Each hike will allow you to contemplate some exceptional views. Because of its diversity, the Belleville Valley will allow you to discover alpine areas, forests, clear-water mountain lakes, stone bridges… and different species : chamois, marmots…   The Belleville Valley does count no less than 50 marked trails accessible to both adults and children. In summer and winter, the Belleville Valley attracts many tourists from around the world : climbers, hikers, sportsmen or just families. This is certainly its diversity of landscapes that makes the Belleville Valley a world-famous destination site.


The 4-star hotel Les Bruyeres has selected some ideas of hiking :

Les Menuires :

  • Lac du Lou
  • Tour de la Pointe de la Masse
  • The col of the Vallée Etroite
  • The lake tour of Les Menuires


 Saint-Martin de Belleville : 

  •  The circuit des Demoiselles Coiffées
  •  Le Cochet
  •  Les Monts du Fût
  •  Le Croix Jean-Claude
  •  Le Roc de la Lune


Feel free to contact the tourist office for a complete and detailed list of the various hiking routes in the Belleville Valley.

For more safety, it is required to check the weather before going, choose a route adapted to your physical condition (watch, GPS, compass or map ), provide a whistle in fog, provide a backpack with foods such as dried fruit, granola bars, cookies, chocolate , water …. and of course a first aid kit.


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